Unleash Your Inner Artist at The Rustic Brush

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What if…

…you didn’t have to be a skilled carpenter, painter, or a Pinterest DIY master crafter to create personal, customized, one-of-a-kind wooden signs?

What if you could create a memorable piece of home decor that would look great and impress your friends without having to spend a small fortune at Home Depot buying all the wood, paint, brushes, sand paper, and stains that you’ll only use once to create a one-time project?

And what if you could co-create your masterpiece while hanging out with your family and friends in a fun, and lively atmosphere complete with BYOB and great music?

The Rustic Brush offers the perfect social environment, guidance, and materials to create your dream project all in one place no experience required.

Plus? We clean up the mess afterward so you don’t have to.

Call (214) 407-7360 or visit www.therusticbrush.com to learn how to unleash your inner artist.

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